Black swan, dancing on the edge of psychosis

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Maria Marta

As we saw in some other Aronofsky's movies, the pulsing heart is the obsession. This isn't just another ballet movie, Nina played by Natalie Portman is a young dancer she aims to perfection and this ambitions push her all over the limits of her body and mind, pushed by an oppressive mother ex dancer that never had find any fame, blaming her pregnancy for her failures. Nina dreams to play the protagonist in the Swan Lake, her innocence is perfect to play Odette (White Swan) but she isn't dark enough to play Odile (Black Swan) while Lily (Mila Kunis) is a perfect fit for Odile. Nina get the part but the director Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) encourages her to probe the dark side of herself, this further stress cage Nina in a nervous and artistic breakdown. We got the Nina's point of view, as her we get hurt by the story physically and emotionally but this in not the true; we are just into Nina's psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and paranoid about Lily.

This movie was nominate to the Academy awards for best actress, direction, cinematography, film editing and best picture. But I think the diamond of the movie come from the art direction and the costume design, they got a wealth of details that create a perfect environment for the movie, they are expressive keeping naturalness and ordinariness. At the begin of the movie, Nina always wears white or baby pink clothes, in one of the first scenes, she woke up just like a Disney's princess caressed by the sunshine in her pink room, the first part of the movie exploit the natural light in more scenes, when Nina starts the travel into the darkness is used artificial light, it's a dark time as night for her mind. The costumes follows this changes too, at the start we can see Nina in the underground with an ordinary white scarf but it's positioned in such a way that remind bird's feathers, as a white swan.

The movie bases its power on black and white tones, that warn the spectator, at first these tones cohabit in the dance world; the director clothes, the furniture in his office, everything is black or white with a geometric shape in contrast with white nina and her pink house. When Nina fall into herself everything changes like an expressionist movie, no more sun light only electric lighting just for stress that Nina is delving to something dark without music but with a lot of noises by the door and by steps; this create a disturbing mood that wake up the spectator' senses. If Nina is innocence, white and perfect, Lily is her opposite wears black clothes, is reckless not a perfect dancer but she got passion; with the breakdown Nina's clothes start to take darker color, from white to grey and at the end black when Lily gives her a black tank. This movie speaks to the sense a detail tells a story too and Aronofsky is very talented to paint marginal characters in an impressive way like Nina's mother or Beth Macintyre playes by Winona Ryder.

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